You probably know about Nano by now , a feeless instant cryptocurrency. But have you heard of its fork Banano?
Banano is like Nano but with added potassium.
Its a crypto that is for monkeys. Its community encourages memes as it helps spread the word of the power of potassium. Its fun to send and receive and has almost infinite use cases.

The banano subreddit is a fun and interesting place to get more familiar with banano, and good memes are rewarded with banano tips. Thanks to the banano tip bots on reddit. It is super easy to send Banano to someone by a simple comment command to the tip bot.


As with any type of cryptocurrency, the question comes up with “How do you mine it?” With the incredible variety of faucets and games, there is two ways you can mine Banano. One is a faucet called “Power Plant” that we will cover later this week, but the other is called “Folding @ Home”, which uses your CPU power to help research into diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, and cancer. In return you earn Banano based off of your contributions.


step one is getting a wallet to store your potassium, the wallet on the app store is called the Kalium wallet. You can use it to receive banano .

Then you can post your address somewhere and receive banano, like this :


To be fair, this is not some shitcoin. Banano has helped to assemble a dedicated community of users that isn’t about trying to get rich quick. They focus on community and having fun. It just so happens to revolve around a meme flavored coin!